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Get tested for Covid-19

Get peace of mind for your organisation with our rapid Covid-19 Antigen Test.  Each box contains 25 individual tests and comes with a mobile diagnostic app. Together we can slow the spread of the pandemic.

Fast, Easy & Accurate
Rapid Covid-19 Test

Self contained, simple to use Covid-19 antigen test with mobile diagnostics.
Results within 15 minutes.

Take the test

The test is easy to use, easy to follow, easy to understand and does not require a medical professional.

Results in 15 minutes

The test is self contained, quick and simple to administer  with results in 15 minutes.


The positive or negative outcome from this test is easy to determine and the resulting data can be used to track & trace.

Do you have Covid-19?

Our fast and efficient Covid-19 rapid antigen tests, with high viral load sensitivity, can tell you within 15 minutes if you are positive or negative. Knowing whether you are contagious or not can give you real peace of mind. Our free App can be downloaded to further assist, analyse and confirm your result.

What are the benefits?

Our tests are fast, accurate and easy to use. They provide an alert if you are contagious and have a high viral load of Covid-19. The tests are self-contained, are simple to administer and are not required to be carried out in lab conditions, instead, they can be carried out in the work place or in the comfort of your own home. 

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See our range of Covid-19 tests, including the Antigen Rapid test, the 3 in 1 combination Covid-19/Flu A/Flu B Combo test and our IgM IgG Antibody test.

How do our tests work?

Our lateral flow test is easily administered. Starting with the nose and throat swab, to adding the droplets from the tube into the cassette, this simple 6-step process should only take two minutes. In addition, by following our safe and correct procedure demonstration video, the test does not require a medical professional to administer it. Your COVID-19 test result will be clearly visible after 15 minutes.

How do I store the tests?

It is best to store the test kits in a cool, dry place, ideally at room temperature (between 2°C & 30°C). Keep out of direct sunlight and away from radiators as exposure to temperature outside the specified conditions may cause inaccurate results.

How do I interperate the result?

For a Positive Result: Both the quality control line C and the detection line T will appear.
For a Negative Result: Only the quality control line C appear will appear.

Invalid Result: A test is invalid if the quality control line C fails to appear (no matter if the detection line appears or not), or the is test window is blank.

How accurate are the tests?

Lab Solutions Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Tests are currently 99.2% accurate.

I decided to take a lateral flow test because I was supporting my 94 year old Grandma who had recently broken her leg. The rapid test confirmed I was Covid-19 positive 96 hours before I started showing symptoms. The test alerted me to the fact I had the virus and this was confirmed when I took the NHS gold standard PCR test. What I find incredible is this test gave me an early warning, I was able to self-isolate and not spread the infection for an additional 4 days.

Ben Killner

Creative Partner, Oomph Creative LLP

The Covid-19 rapid tests have now become an essential part of the clubs processes, procedures and defense mechanisms. Both our playing and non-playing staff take a test twice a week. Getting accurate results back after only 15 minutes is excellent. All players and staff that have come back positive using the lateral flow test have gone on to receive a positive PCR test. This gives us huge confidence that when we play football, we do so in good health.

Leigh Page

Operations Director, St Albans City Football Club

How and where our tests are being used?

Our tests are being used across multiple sectors and in many situations to quickly identify Covid-19. They provide an effective early warning system to help reduce and manage the spread of the virus. Our tests allow people to confidently work in bubbles, get families interacting safely again and get the economy moving.

Applying good corporate and social responsibility, our tests can be used to re-establish confidence to the workforce, encourage a gradual return to work, safe in the knowledge that you are not infectious.

To date our tests have been used in schools, professional sports clubs, film and production companies, live bands, live stream events and airlines.


State of the art mobile diagnostics

Use the mobile app to scan in your test result to speed up your test analysis, simplify the data and confirm your result.

MRHA registered / CE marked

Our Rapid Covid-19 Antigen Test meets the UK Government criteria for work and travel.

High Viral Load Sensitivity

Our tests are devised to locate a high Covid-19 viral load. Early identification is the key to quickly reducing personal interaction in order to protect those around you.

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See our range of Covid-19 tests, including the Antigen Rapid test, the 3 in 1 combination Covid-19/Flu A/Flu B Combo test and our IgM IgG Antibody test.