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Taking the test

Rapid Covid-19 Antigen Test

Each box contains 25 rapid tests designed to detect Covid-19, with additional mobile diagnostics App

Covid-19 Antibody Test

Each box contains 40 Covid-19 IgM and IgG rapid detection antibody tests

Covid-19 / Flu A / Flu B

Each box contains 25 x 3 in 1 tests for the simultaneous detection of Covid-19, Flu A and Flu B






Results from the Department of Health & Social Care

We supplied over 2000 lateral flow tests to the department of Health & Social Care for scientific evaluation. The result data indicates that in the lower infectivity range our lateral flow tests have a detection limit of 97.4% (over 2% better than the current version being supplied free to the UK).

Of the samples provided for the scientific evaluation trial, Lab Solutions lateral flow tests gave no false negatives – that is 100% accuracy.

Simple steps to taking the test

Taking the test is a simple stepped process. Firstly you will need to open the box and take out the flat-pack tube stand and put it together in readiness. Then remove 1 extraction tube, 1 solution bottle, 1 tube top, 1 sterile swab and 1 test cassette device.

Place the extraction tube into the tube stand, then pick up the solution bottle and carefully snap open the top, twisting it off and discard safely. Pour the solution into the extraction tube.

Open the sterile swab, making sure to open it at the end marked ‘peel here’. The throat swab will be taken first. Use a mirror to clearly see that the correct area of the throat is being swabbed. Swab the back of the throat, where the tonsils are (or were), rotating or rolling the swab 5 times on each side. Make sure the swab avoids touching the tongue, teeth and gums. Take the swab out.

Using the same swab, insert the swab into the first nostril until it meets resistance (approximately 25mm, rotate or roll the swab around 5 times then remove the swab. Insert the same swab into the second nostril and repeat the procedure.

Having completed the swabbing process, place the swab into the extraction tube, be careful not to touch the side, dipping it straight into the solution. Roll the swab around the solution in the tube 5 times, pressing the swab to the bottom and sides of the extraction tube.

As you remove the swab, pinch the tube together to squeeze as much liquid as possible out of the swab. Place your extraction tube back into the holder and carefully discard your swab. Pick up a tube top and place the nib (facing upwards) firmly onto the extraction tube until it is sealed.

Unwrap the cassette device and place it down onto a solid surface, making sure that the reading window and oval droplet area is facing upwards. Pick up the extraction tube and carefully place 3 drops into the oval area on the cassette. Set an alarm for 15 minutes, at which point the test will be complete.

Please discard all elements of the test that have been in direct contact with the nose and throat. This will include the extraction tube, tube top and swab.

Reading the test is also very straight forward. In the reading window of the cassette there is a C and T displayed. For a negative result 1 line will appear at C. For a positive result 2 lines will appear at both the C and T. If the test is invalid there will be either 1 line appearing only at T or no lines will appear and the test will remain blank. If this does occur, please retake the test following the same procedure with a fresh equipment.