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Recently, Trace Elemental Instruments introduced a new platform for chemical analysis. This new technology promises to strengthen sample consistency and reliability in combined nitrogen and sulphur determination.

It’s an ambitious promise but the system delivers by extending the scope of conventional test methods for these elements. Thanks to Trace Elemental Instruments’ technical innovations, total nitrogen and sulphur are now to be determined by furnace combustion, gas conditioning and chemiluminescence, providing highly accurate results.

In tandem, Trace Elemental Instruments’ new analyzer platform incorporates new data collection technology and a renovated sensor system. As a result of these new innovations, operators will find performance maximised. The instrument is more robust, reliable and stable than its competitors, providing extensive data collection and pitch-perfect sensor readings at a dependable rate. The application of chemiluminescence to the detection of total nitrogen and sulphur is a prime example of the system’s sensitivity and technical might.

Trace Elemental Instruments have outlined a set of smart operating principles, expressly designed to simplify day-to-day operations and interactions with the platform. Any and all users should find these guidelines both extremely accessible and highly beneficial. TE Instruments call it the ‘4-Step Principle’. First, we have sample introduction, which takes a variety of forms consequent upon the sample. Liquid samples can be introduced via the ‘boat’, the liquid module, or the Xpro™-V inlet. By contrast, solid samples can enter the system only by way of the ‘boat’. The second step in the process sees the sample move on through to furnace combustion which consists of one combustion tube which can be removed and re-installed in under a minute. The third step involves the conditioning of the gas used in furnace combustion. Trace Elemental Instruments have fitted the platform with a removable and re-usable quartz particulate filter and automatic water removal system. Finally, we reach the detection phase, where total nitrogen and sulphur are determined through chemiluminescence whose streamlined design leaves the operator with only one safety-check – the UV lamp.

Overall, then, it appears clear that Trace Elemental Instruments have contrived an appealing solution for those engaged in sulphur and nitrogen determination.

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