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How Effective Are Antibody Tests?

How Effective Are Antibody Tests?

On Thursday, the not-for-profit research organisation Cochrane released their report on the efficacy of antibody testing in detecting COVID-19. As an internationally-recognised institution, Cochrane’s verdict has been eagerly awaited – and with the rise of antibody...

To PPE or Not to PPE: Is the Crisis Over?

To PPE or Not to PPE: Is the Crisis Over?

Over the last few days, the situation in the UK has radically changed. Following the Prime Minister’s announcements in the House of Commons on Tuesday, all sorts of small businesses must be prepared to reopen on 4thJuly.  Whilst, undoubtedly, this news will be...

Antibody Tests: Is This How Lockdown Will End?

Antibody Tests: Is This How Lockdown Will End?

Recently, it has been reported that antibody testing could become more widespread in Europe and the United States as various governments begin to consider ways to ease the lockdown.  Antibody tests are designed to test whether someone has had a virus in the past. If...


Using lateral flow tests to ensure the well-being of children and their families.

Home based professional child care provider Yvonne Jacobs gives an insight into how she has used lateral flow tests to positively influence her business. With the Covid-19 pandemic in full flow and lockdown imposed, Yvonne tells us that she was able to test regularly to ensure that she kept the children in her care as safe as possible.

How lateral flow tests are being used to enjoy weddings and events again

Emily stated that finding a lateral flow test solution that is cost effective, hugely reliable, really quick and amazingly effective has meant that she has been able to undertake some commercial work during the pandemic, safe in the knowledge that she is not contagious and therefore not spreading the virus.

How lateral flow testing is helping football to continue

Ian Allinson confirms that the accuracy and reliability of the Lab Solutions Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test has given the club confidence to continue playing at the elite level. Every player that was identified with a positive result through the rapid flow testing process, has gone on to receive a positive PCR test.


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