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We interviewed wedding and events photographer, Emily from Emily Little Photography, and explained how the industry had been hit very hard. She told us “unlike some sectors, we have been completely shut down and unable to legally work for the vast majority of the pandemic and continue to face very strict restrictions”.

Emily informed us that when she came across lateral flow test, she saw it as a great opportunity, “to be able to test regularly for the virus and be able to prove that I am negative has meant that I have been able to complete some commercial shoots with the knowledge that I am not contagious. This gave me great peace of mind. Obviously, I am not shooting weddings, as they are not happening at the moment and for some time to come”.

During the conversation Emily said that using the lateral flow tests has the added benefit that she has kept her co-workers and clients as safe as is possible. Checking my health regularly, being able to use the app to provide evidence that I am negative has been fantastic.

Emily informed us that “when a shoot had been viable, I tested prior to the event to ensure I was safe, carried out the commercial photo shoot and then tested again once back at home. This has meant I knew I was fit to work and also had not unknowingly contracted Covid during that day.

I think that lateral flow tests will become a normality, they may even be become a pass to be able to work – proof that you are negative – and could definitely help us all safely enjoy events again.

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