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Ian Allinson, Manager of St Albans City Football Club, explains how the Lab Solutions Covid-19 rapid tests have really helped ensure the team go out onto the pitch knowing they are not infectious with the Covid virus. He explains that initially he was very concerned that the team may be disadvantaged through testing, as other clubs were not joining in. However, testing the players proved to be a really positive element, regularly checking their health and monitoring them for Covid-19.

Ian goes on to say that “the players are tested twice a week, before training and before a match and the fact that the result of their test comes back within 15 minutes is excellent. Actually the players have enjoyed testing as it has provided them with confidence, both on and off the pitch. They like the fact that that they can train and play football in the knowledge that they are not contagious”.

Ian explained that St Albans City FC has been testing now for the vast majority of the season, and in fact have really led the way in player and staff safety. Leigh Page, Operations Director for the club has been extremely progressive in his vigilance to make the players, the staff, the ground and the supporters as safe as possible and the Covid protocols he has put in place have been first class. The lateral flow tests are just one element in the club’s defence against the coronavirus.

The speed of the tests has impressed Ian and the club, it has been exactly what they needed and has provided them with an excellent early warning system, especially when players have been asymptomatic. It has allowed the club to be extremely careful with who can train, when they can train and who can safely be selected to play matches. In fact Ian says that the rapid tests have been at the forefront of monitoring and managing the virus. Ian describes that obviously the safety and wellbeing of our playing and non-playing staff is paramount, but it is also good to know that we, as a club, won’t be infecting other teams.

When a player has been identified as positive through the rapid flow testing process, he has gone on to receive a positive PCR test. Ian confirms that the accuracy and reliability of the Lab Solutions Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test, has given the club confidence to continue playing at the elite level.

Ian says “although I was initially concerned about the implications surrounding testing the players, actually the Covid-19 Rapid Flow Antigen tests have proven to be a really positive asset”. 


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